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Class of 2020

Our Class of 2020 are truly special, and sadly have been hit particularly hard by the effects of the pandemic, with the loss of their rite of passage through exams, leaving ceremonies and prom. Nonetheless, our pride in their achievements and conduct remains undimmed, and on behalf of everyone at Northern Education Trust Thorp Academy, we would like to offer our congratulations to Year 11 and wish them the very best for their future.

Online Yearbook

This online yearbook has been set up to allow you to leave a farewell message and
reflect on your memories at Thorp Academy over the last five years.

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19 entries.
Lucas Kennington wrote on August 19, 2020
As another volume of the Encyclopedia of Life comes to a twist ending, it is time for a moment of reflection. Having finished most unconventionally, we must thank all - staff and students - for their efforts this year, and hope for the best in both academia and wider life. Some we will see again, others will leave to reach their full potential, and I wish the best of luck to every last one. Adieu.
Mr McDaid wrote on August 13, 2020
I am immensely proud of this year group for your tremendous hard work throughout Year 11 demonstrated through your incredible effort in lessons and your dedication to going the extra mile with attendance at the after-school enrichment sessions. It was great to see the ever-increasing assessment results throughout the year which is a testament to the potential that each and every one of you have. This is particularly true of all the ‘historians’ that I have had the pleasure of teaching over the years. I look forward to seeing many of you staying with us for Sixth Form. For those of you that are following other opportunities next year, I wish you every success. Remember to stay in contact with Thorp as we would really like to hear about your future achievements. All the best, Mr McDaid.
Amy Liddle wrote on August 12, 2020
The last 5 years at thorp have been phenomenal thanks to the friends I have made throughout the years and due to the hard work of the teachers in helping us succeed. Thank you so much to the teachers in their effort they contributed to help me succeed. Good luck to all the year 11s I hope you are proud of yourselves because you deserve it!! xx
Ellie hasler wrote on August 12, 2020
Had ups and downs in the last 5yrs but I have made some great memories with some great friends and thank you Miss Lockey for everything u.ll always be my favourite xxxx
Rainel Knowles wrote on August 9, 2020
I want to say a huge thank you to all of the teachers that have helped us over these past 5 years ! Theres been so many amazing memories with so many amazing people, good luck everyone ! ♡
Megan Askew wrote on August 6, 2020
I don’t think there are any words to describe how amazing the 5 years at thorp have been. I have made thousands of memories at thorp but the one that stands out for me is year 11’s weekend away to the Lake District. I don’t think I can thank the teachers enough for making it such a memorable weekend for us. Thank you! We couldn’t ask for any better teachers. Good luck to all year 11’s, you deserve it! Xx
Grace Moore 💗 wrote on August 5, 2020
Would just like to say a huge thank you to all the teachers for giving me the help that I needed for the past 5 years, also everyone in year 11 , thanks for the last 5 years we all had together it was amazing, gonna miss yous all but all keep safe and enjoy the future ahead 😘💙💗xx
thomas carr wrote on July 23, 2020
Thank you to all the teachers for helping us and putting up with our year and also good luck to all the students who are not going to back at sixth form. It's been a good 5 years.
Dani Burke Baron wrote on July 12, 2020
Get ready, get set and get going to a brand new chapter in your book of life. May your pen be full, your paper strong and your hand steady. Good luck everyone.
Mikey davidson wrote on July 10, 2020
Good luck to all my friends in year 11 A special thank you to Miss bownes , Mrs hunt , Miss Nesbitt , Mrs crags, Mrs Dixon and Mr mcdaid for all the help and support you have given me at thorp I will miss you all from mikey 😀
Elizabeth Easton wrote on July 10, 2020
Thank you for all the help and support you have given Robert .
Robert Adamson wrote on July 10, 2020
Good Luck everyone
Sinead Nangle wrote on July 9, 2020
To all of year 11 -despite your time being cut short here at Thorp, you are the class of 2020 and that has become a great story within itself. You have been one of the best year groups I have ever had the pleasure to teach, for you are an inspiration to us all! As you move forward, be open to new adventures and don't be afraid to live life to the full. We know you will go on to achieve the most wonderful things, just make sure to enjoy the journey!
Sophie Harwood wrote on July 9, 2020
You filled my classroom with your humour and your hard work. You embraced literature and language in a way a teacher rarely sees; always striving to be better, to be the best. A class of true characters who accepted and learned from one another. You will always hold a place in my heart as the gold standard of what a Year 11 class should be. Remember 'the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.' Mrs Harwood
Mason Bertram wrote on July 9, 2020
Good luck everyone!! Our teachers will be so proud of us. Going to miss the year group. Good luck guys! X
Charlie Dixon wrote on July 9, 2020
Good luck to everyone going on to College six form apprenticeship
Shaun Edge wrote on July 9, 2020
Year 11, what a fantastic cohort of students you have been! In your own unique way you have developed and grown both on a personal level as well as an academic level. You may not feel like it now, but in a few years you will look back on your time at Thorp fondly and think of the many experiences that you were involved in. Good luck in whatever endeavour you do next!
Mrs G Dixon wrote on July 9, 2020
To all in year 11. I hope all your dreams come true and you have great futures. Lots of love Mrs Dixon
Helen Bownes wrote on July 9, 2020
Year 11..... you have made us all so proud. It wasn’t the end to your time at school any of you would have wished for, but you handled it so well. Whatever you go on to do you will do amazingly. Follow your dreams and live life to the full. Lots of love Mama Bownes 💜